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3D print a boat!

We have come a long way from what we understood about 3D printing large objects. Not long ago, the largest 3D printed object was the size of a watermelon, at best!

Now, how about printing something really big, like a boat! In early Q1 2022, the University of Maine printed a boat for the US Marines, currently the boat is undergoing sea-worthy trials in California.

Here is a time-lapse of how it was built.

This isn’t the first time the U of Maine Composites Center printed a vessel. In 2019, the Center printed 3Dirigo and earned two Guinness World Records — the world’s largest 3D printed boat and the world’s largest 3D printed object. The 25-foot, 5,000-pound boat was printed in 72 hours. “Dirigo” is the motto of the State of Maine and means “I lead” in Latin.

Meanwhile, for the ‘24 Summer games in Paris, a concept 3D printed ferry will be ferrying athletes to and from the the Olympic Village. The boat navigates and docks itself.

Boats, for fun!

In the recreation segment, personal motor boats are built with fiberglass hulls with high gloss finish that appeal to the discerning consumer. Usually hulls are made with Resin Transfer using Vacuum bags, hand held glass/resin spraying or Hand Lamination.

Now add 3D Printing to these manufacturing options.

“We participated in the Genoa boat show in 2017, and it was during this event that we came up with the idea of making MAMBO. We saw the project take shape first, then brought it to life, and finally MAMBO arrived today at the sea. We have 3D printed a boat, enhancing the concept of customization with a one-of-a-kind design created and tailored from the owner's mind, to give everyone the opportunity to understand and experience the sea in their own way. All this would not have happened without the support of our partners, who believed with us in this ambitious project.” says Gabriele Natale, CEO & Co-founder of Moi Composites.

Coming soon: Big, Bigger Boat !

As the Metal and Plastic printing technologies come of age, expect bigger and better Printed Boats across a wide spectrum of marine craft. From ferries & navel vessels to recreationally boats.

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