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Sean Dsilva, 3D Printing Expert


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Dynamic Industry Leader with Extensive Experience in Sales, Innovation, and Additive Manufacturing.

Throughout my career, I've held customer-facing roles at multinational corporations like Owens Corning, Rhodia, GE Plastics, and DSM. I gained extensive experience in sales, commercialization, and R&D management. In 2019, I helped a 3D Materials business achieve multi-million dollar sales and played a key role in Henkel's global entry into the 3D Printing industry.


Currently, I focus on building sales for Arburg's Freeformer 3D Printer.

As DSM's CTO, I led the global UV Photo R&D group, developing UV-based platforms for Additive Manufacturing. I've also worked over 10 years in corporate Ventures and Incubators, initiating and nurturing growth businesses in specialty materials, particularly in Additive Manufacturing. My expertise includes materials for 3D Printing, thermoplastics, thermoset materials, fibers, and coatings.

I hold a Black Belt certification in Six Sigma and I have completed Columbia University's Digital Business course to enhance my knowledge.

I want you to leverage my knowledge and expertise to make 3D Printing work for you!

The Possibilities Are Endless

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